About Me

Brachial Girl


So my real name is Rebecca. I am now single living alone in Perth and my adult daughter lives in Melbourne but is soon going to be living in London.


My husband and I were both employed at the time of my motorcycle accident on 1 March 2015. I returned to work as a one-armed woman 3 weeks after the accident. I'm not the sort to lay around. I guess I'm a fighter. My employer was great. I started out working from home. Then within a couple of weeks I was back in the office. I was working as a document controller for a prominent Australian mining company, managing several projects on my own. I was able to maintain my workload and get to all my medical appointments, and if I had a bad pain day, I was able to work from home.


2 months after the accident, my husband was made redundant. 3 months after that my employment contract was not renewed as the projects I managed were complete AND at the same time we had to move house as our landlords had sold the property. So we found ourselves with no income, plenty of financial outgoings piling up, no home and me, crippled and unable to carry out my normal life.


Needless to say, I found us a house. On 4 July 2015 I had nerve transfer surgery. 4 transfers. 7 days later we moved house. And I had to physically contribute, even though I should have been laying still. Lol, there was nowhere for me to sit or lie down anyway with all the furniture moving going on anyway!


To cut the story short - we moved house, I tried to find a job, but mornings are so bad for me, I can never guarantee what time I'll get to work! Getting up, getting dressed, and travelling on public transport are not as easy as they used to be! And my medication seems to hit me and make me drowsy and delirious at around 1pm every day ... not cool when you're in a corporate open-office environment! For the first time since I was 15, I'm not working full-time!


We were struggling a lot financially, my daughter moved to Melbourne for Uni, we ended up living in a bus (motorhome) for nearly 2 years, we traveled across Australia to NSW and lived in the bus on a farm for a few months before my husband was offered a job in a small town in north west NSW. We lived there for 7 months before I was offered a great job back in Perth. We traveled back across the country to Perth and found a rental property. Not long after my husband and I separated. 


I live a fairly normal life, despite not being able to use my arm normally. There's not much I can't do, but there are plenty of things I need help with. So it's a battle now that I'm living alone. But I am a very determined person, and I manage to take care of myself, my house, gardens and my 2 dogs, and I work full time as a Senior Document Controller. I just try and think and figure out ways to get things done and I do my best to not let the constant excruciating pain get to me or stop me from living a full life.



My BPI Timeline


  • 1 March 2015 - Motorcycle Accident

  • 2 March 2015 - Surgery to repair broken bones

  • 4 March 2015 - Released from hospital

  • Early April 2015 - Diagnosed with brachial plexus injury - 2 root avulsions, 1 severely damaged, severe damage to radial nerve at elbow

  • 4 July 2015 - 4 nerve transfers

  • 6 October 2015 - Diagnosed with severe bone infection




It's not a disability, 

It's a DIFability

We can do it, we just do it differently!