OT time

Great session with Jaslyn


Not sure if its helping, but it wont hurt

Happy 40th Birthday

Life goes on

Weird hand

Looked so weird with the infection

Bone infection

Just what I needed

Fighting back

Ignoring the pain ... off to be social

Getting there

Hope it gets better than this ...

Much better

Healing nicely

Just lovely

This one looks terrible


It's mostly glue and germ killer hehehe

Cool dressings 2

After the op

Cool dressings

After the op

Nerve transfer

Post-op .... Couldn't wait to get home ...

Trying ...

to look normal. Posing with GivMohr sling

Frankenstein ...

Staples all out

New jewellery

All the metal gear ...

High as a kite!

Look at those eyes!

Post-op - metal plates

Still smiling ...


Still had my sense of humour ...

Ulnar and Humerus

Broken bones

Emergency staff

This part of the process took forever

Close up shot of my cool hat ...

"lalalalala" ...

Got all the gear on ...

Just getting out of the ambulance

Poor bike ...

No more riding ...

Nek minute ....

I got real up close and personal with a tree ...

Earlier that day ...

It was such a great day riding ...

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Got all the gear on ...

Just getting out of the ambulance