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My Story 1 - The Motorcycle Accident

On Sunday 1st of March 2015, I had a motorbike accident.

I was riding in a group of 6-7 people, my husband included. We were riding around the countryside near Donnybrook, south of Perth and Bunbury in Western Australia.

My bike hit some gravel on the road and threw me and the bike left onto the dirt shoulder of the road. I tried but could not regain control of the bike and I slammed into a tree, bounced off and landed in a barbed wire fence.

One of my husband’s friends who had been riding behind me got me out of the fence and one of the people passing by happened to be a doctor and he helped make sure i was stable.

I was conscious. Quiet and calm. Just laying still. My husband and our other friends who had been just ahead of us noticed or absence and came back. My husband was freaked out. When he saw his mate and realized the crashed bike was mine he thought I was dead.

The ambulance arrived and after giving me some medication and maneuvering me back through the barbed wire fence, I was taken to the nearest hospital, which was in Bridgetown. I was lucky to survive.

I broke the ulna bone in my forearm and shattered my upper arm and had a few scratches on my leg. Once stabilised, I was transferred to Bunbury Hospital.

The next morning I had surgery, on the 2nd of March, and they installed metal plates and screws to fix the breaks. They were worried my Radial nerve was severed, however it wasn’t, so they pulled it out from around the breaks and straightened it out.

The surgery went well and after a few days I was allowed to go home to my husband and 17 year old daughter. I had a pretty crappy time in hospital. No amount of pain killers dulled the pain enough. I’m a control freak, and having made it to the age of 39 without ever breaking a bone or being in hospital, it was all a bit of a rude shock!

After getting home, I had to get settled in and heal. I was told 6 weeks for the break and possibly a few months for the radial nerve.

Brachial Girl - arriving at hospital

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