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My Story 2 - The Check Up

I was unable to lift up my arm at the shoulder or elbow. Could not bend my wrist outwards and could only just wiggle my fingers.

After a couple of weeks I had a check up at my local hospital to have the 51 staples removed from my arm, and during the check up I mentioned to the Doctor that the top of my shoulder was numb and tingly in addition to all the numbness in my arm and hand. He was concerned and sent me for an MRI.

I spent the next few days worrying. I was really struggling with the pain. I was sleeping for 2 hours at a time. I was frustrated and couldn’t wait for my arm to be healed. All our home routines were messed up.

My husband was amazing. Taking care of everything and looking after me. My daughter too.

I was also bored so i spoke to my boss and arranged to start working from home. I was so grateful for that. Working made me feel worthwhile. It was weird typing with only my left hand. And it wasn’t too hard using the mouse with my left hand. At least I could do something!

Brachial Girl - leaving hospital

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