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My Story 4 - The Plan

I have seen a new brachial plexus specialist surgeon, Dr Alex O'Beirne, who explained to me that it is possible for me to have some additional surgery to split or transfer nerves and tendons to give me back movement in my arm. The success rate is pretty good, but there are no guarantees.

So in the next couple of months I will be undergoing this surgery. He told me it is a 2 year healing period from the date of the accident. So I won’t know how successful the surgery is for quite some time.

Until then, I have to live my life with one arm. I am a determined person and I won’t let this slow me down! I am teaching myself to write neatly with my left hand and have been able to find solutions to enable me to do lots of normal things.

I started working back in the office. Half days at first. Now full days.

I go to physio and occupational therapy sessions every week. And I do a lot of exercises at home to keep the muscles and joints in my arm and hand moving.

I’ve researched everything I can about brachial plexus injuries. Apparently mine is pretty severe. The pain will be with me for life. I better get used to it. There seems to be nothing in Australia for people with this injury.

Brachial Girl - Depression, shock, loss

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