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My Story 5 - Moving Forward

I’m getting used to things now. So are my husband and daughter. And thanks to them and my close friend, I’m getting on with life.

I’m off the morphine and I’m now taking Tramadol slow release, Lyrica for nerve pain and Endep also for nerve pain.

I’m also sleeping all night now. My husband and I finally started sleeping in our bed together again which is awesome. We were taking turns sleeping on the couch because i needed so many pillows to prop me and my arm up that we couldn’t both sleep in the bed!

I’m helping with dinner, doing housework, going to work every day and I can even drive the car! Thank god we bought a Jeep! It’s automatic and the indicators are on the left so I can control everything and steer with one hand. I’m only driving if I really have to though.

We’ve settled in for the long road ahead.

Brachial Girl - flowers from mummy

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