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My arm is falling off!

So a new development I have going on is shoulder subluxation. I describe it as: the humerus bone (upper arm bone) is falling out of my shoulder joint. But I’ve looked up some information to share which will explain it better -

“ Glenohumeral subluxation is defined as a partial or incomplete dislocation that usually stems from changes in the mechanical integrity of the joint. In a subluxation, the humeral head slips out of the glenoid cavity as a result of weakness in the rotator cuff or a blow to the shoulder area.”

“Shoulder subluxation can occur in one direction for example, anterior instability where the arm or humerus bone pops out the front, posterior instability where it partially dislocates out the back or in more than one direction which is known as multi-directional instability. The most common form of instability seems to be anterior and is probably because the joint capsule is at its weakest at the front of the joint.”

So basically - in relation to my brachial plexus injury -

Because I’m not using my shoulder, the muscles and tendons in the top of my shoulder have weakened. Add to that the weight of my arm hanging limp, and being in a sling which pulls the arm forward so it crosses my body, and you get a shoulder subluxation. It causes additional pain and there is a big gap between my arm and shoulder (2 finger widths). Mine is an anterior subluxation, so my humerus bone sort of pops out the front a bit. Interesting when it clunks and hits the outside of my shoulder cap hahahaha.

Even though I know it can’t fall off, I am walking around holding my arm up and pushing it back into the socket. I can’t help feeling like it will fall off if I don’t!

But when my new sling arrives hopefully I will get some relief! It won’t fix the subluxation, only intensive physical therapy and possibly an operation can. But some pain relief and not having to feel like my arm is falling off will be nice!

Info Sources: http://www.physio-pedia.com/Shoulder_subluxation

and http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/sport-injuries/shoulder-pain/glenohumeral-instability-subluxation

Image Source: http://www.drugs.com/health-guide/shoulder-dislocation.html

Brachial Girl - shoulder subluxation

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