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Hippocrates and Brachial Plexus Injuries

Brachial Plexus Injuries have been known about for a very long time! It's just a pit that the knowledge is not very widespread!

The anatomy of the brachial plexus was described by Hippocrates in 400 BC. The earliest recorded account of trauma was recorded in 700 BC in The Iliad by Homer where Hector strikes Teucer in the arm -

“Teucer had just taken an arrow from his quiver and laid it upon the bow-string, but Hector struck him… just where the collar bone divides the neck from the chest, a very delicate place and broke the sinew of his arm so that his wrist was less, and the bow dropped from his hand…”

Source - http://www.minnisjournals.com.au/ajum/article/Ultrasound-guided-therapeutic–injections-of-the-cervical-spine–and-brachial-plexus-839

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