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Nerve Transfer Surgery

So my surgery is coming up this Saturday 4th of July. I wanted to share the details of the nerves being transferred from and to, as well as info on the damage I have.

My surgeon, Dr Alex O’Beirne (Perth, Australia) will splice about 25% of each of the following nerves and join them onto the other nerves as close to the muscles as possible to allow the shortest recovery time possible.

Amazing stuff!

This is what I’m having transferred -

1. I have no power to rotate my arm at the shoulder and my upper arm is falling out of the shoulder.

* They will transfer the Accessory spinal nerve (shoulder shrugging) to the Suprascapula nerve which powers the supraspinatus and infraspinatus (rotator cuff) muscles (moving upper arm and holding humerus bone in shoulder joint)

2. I have no power to lift my arm upwards. * They will transfer the Radial nerve at Triceps Brachii (extend forearm down) to Auxiilary nerve for Deltoid muscle and Teres Minor muscles (lifting arm from the shoulder)

3.I have no power to bend my elbow. * They will transfer the Ulnar nerve at Flexor carpi ulnaris (lift and bend wrist) muscle to musculocutaneous nerve for Biceps muscle(bending elbow)

4. I have no power to turn my arm palm side up or down, or bend my elbow. * They will transfer the Median nerve at Flexor digitorum profundus (bend wrist), flexor pollicis longus (move thumb) muscles to brachialis muscle (flex forearm at the elbow and turning forearm palm up or palm down)

My hand seems to be improving on its own. The radial and ulnar nerves took a beating but seem to be healing. I just have to see how they go over time. It’s possible I will need tendon transfers later on to give me better hand movement, but we shall see!

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