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Hello hello!!

Well my 4 nerve transfers apparently went well! Sitting up in hospital bed now. Of course I didn’t get any sleep at all. Hehehe and this medication makes my eyes roll around in my head and makes me dyslexic so typing takes FOREVER!!!!! Makes me feel stupid! Aaaah well!

The hospital and staff here at St John of God Subiaco are wonderful! Special shout outs to Jaydon, my lovely day time nurse and Stuart, my night time nurse, who have been awesome! The difference between public and private is HUGE!!!! I am so glad I’m in this hospital. I cannot imagine what Royal Perth would have been like!!!

I’m not sure if I’ll see my surgeon this morning, as he gave up his only day off in a month to do my surgery yesterday! I had literally no sleep last night, and after my catheter fail, I figured I’d brush my hair etc and get ready for the day.

The catheter is out permanently now, after failing this morning hahahaha, IV drugs have finished (damn it)! So far I can see I was opened up on my shoulder blade on my back, under my arm, on the bicep area, on the tricep area. Not sure if there are more. I have pink stuff all over me, including in my hair! And I have all these dirty lumpy marks which I heard someone say is glue!

Hopefully I can have a shower soon! I think I will need help in there. Ooooh looks like breakfast is here! Time for me to go. I am guessing they will send me home today.

I wish I could have 1 more night to be honest. We’re moving house next weekend and when I get home I know I have get lots of packing done! 1 more days rest would probably do wonders!

Brachial Girl - nerve transfer

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