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2 Weeks Post Op - Pics

So it’s been 2 weeks since the nerve transfer surgery. Obviously I haven;t been able to do much therapy, but I have been working on my hand as best I can.

I took the dressings off the incisions on the weekend. It looks so very messy. But I think the surgical glue is making it look much worse than it is! The glue should come off in a week or so. I’m sort of nervous to see what scars look like.

I guess it’s been a pretty uneventful 2 weeks - except for work, business and moving house that is!

I’m seeing my surgeon, Alex O’Beirne tomorrow for a check up. I’m interested to hear what he says. I’m hoping my physical exertion during the house move hasn’t done any damage! Hmm it was only a week after the surgery, but I’m sure the glue and dressings held everything in place!

Here’s a few pics of the scars - it’s not pretty!

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