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Post Nerve Transfer Checkup

Ok so my surgeon Alex O'Beirne checked me out and said everything is healing well. The glue should come off in the next week or so.

He told me he discovered why I can move my hand and fingers when I shouldn’t be able to … apparently I have extra nerve bits going down into my hand. I am an anomaly, he said. Hehehe

I can’t move my hand very well but I can wiggle all my fingers and recently I’ve been working on strengthening my wrist so I can now move my hand up and down. Almost ready for no splint. I’m exercising it with 200g objects in my hand which I can barely grip but I’m determined to get as much movement as possible.

I just have to wait till Sunday then I can start passively exercising my arm again

The earliest my surgeon has seen twitching or movement is 6 weeks post op. That’s roughly around the time of my 40th birthday so I’ll be working hard! It’s always the bicep to so maybe I’ll be able to do some tricks to amuse everyone hehe.

I just stay busy. My full time job is crazy at the moment. And I’m facing the end of my fixed term contract so I’m trying to prove my workload so I can get an extension. I really need my job! Not just for the money but because it keeps me sane, distracts me from the pain and it’s the only thing I can do that I succeed at with this stupid arm ….

So after a hectic day at work I got home last night and prepared dinner … spaghetti bolognese, which I can pretty much cook on my own … then made coffee when my husband got home, then I fixed my broken temporary clothes track (no wardrobes yet as we just moved into a house without built-ins), put together a second rack with my husband’s help, rearranged all our hanging clothes, unpacked a box, did a load of washing, had dinner, hung out the washing, put away some clutter in our bedroom, then I scrubbed our bath - which looked like the previous tenants had never cleaned properly …. then I had a nice hot bath ….. moisturised my arm arm and did my hand exercises, then I straightened up our bed, put the dogs to bed and then my husband and I went to bed … 12.45am.

I had to take advantage of the fact that I felt ok last night and had some energy and motivation. Most nights I am exhausted and in pain and just want to lay on the couch with my laptop doing website work.

So it was a good night! It’s not often I succeed and achieve at home hehehe.

Cheers to the good days! xxx Brachial Girl

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