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A Bit of Excitement - not good

So a few days ago I noticed a small lump about 2-3 inches above my wrist … it was hard and sore. We thought it might be a bit of tendonitis due to its position and that I’m using my arm and hand a bit more, perhaps the tendons there were rubbing on the metal plates that were put on to my broken ulnar bone back on 2nd March.

It got more painful and then today I noticed my arm and hand were really swollen and very sore (more so than normal). It was mid evening by the time I thought I should do something about it so I sent a text to my OT Jaslyn Cullen, and she asked me to send her some photos and she asked me if it was red. My husband started taking photos and said it was really red and puffy and the skin on my fingers looked like they had been sitting in water too long. Sort of white and wrinkly. I felt my arm and realised it was really hot where it was red!

My OT suggested I should use a texta and trace around the redness and watch that it didn’t get worse, and to call a late night doctor to come check it out as she thought it looked like an infection that needed antibiotics straight away. She said if I couldn’t see a doctor and get antibiotics tonight that I should call my surgeon Alex O’Beirne’s after hour group and get admitted to hospital to get antibiotics through an IV.

I called a doctor service and then jumped in for a quick shower and fresh clothes just in case I had to toddle off to hospital, but thankfully it didn’t take too long before the doctor arrived. The doctor was able to give me antibiotics on the spot along with a prescription to fill in the morning. The doctor also said I would need to be checked out tomorrow as the cause could be a bone infection or infection in the tendons or something.

So, I’m here now about to head off to bed. I don’t think the infection is spreading further but it’s hard to tell. I’ll post more tomorrow after I’ve been checked out by my surgeon or another doctor. Fingers crossed I don’t have to go to hospital! Aaaaargh!

Here’s a pic but it doesn’t really show how red it is lol as its more under the arm

Brachial Girl - bone infection

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