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Tonic Water

Will, a friend of mine in a BPI group recently posted this -

“My BPI injury has caused me to have chronic muscle spasms that cause a great deal of pain in my shoulder and my back. My amputation helped with my pain in so many ways but it did not affect this. As a result it became the major contributor to my discomfort on a constant basis.Well fortunately this is no longer the case thanks to…. of all things… Tonic water. Tonic water has a chemical in it called Quinine. It is used to help people who have restless legs, lupus, and arthritis. So i thought id give it a try for my muscle spasms and well… they are gone. i drink maybe half a cup once a day before i go to bed.”

Tonic water is “ Carbonated water flavored with quinine and a sweetener like sugar, high fructose corn syrup or low-calorie sweetener. Quinine, from the bark of the cinchona tree, is used as the base flavor in most bitters.”

Who’s going to give it a try???

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