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Who needs 2 arms !?

I try to use my hand as much as I can. The thumb and forefinger don’t have a lot of feeling, and the rest of my hand experiences shocking horrible razor blade sensations when anything touches it anywhere. So it’s interesting …. but I need to de-sensitise my hand and fingers, so I make myself use it wherever possible … whether it’s holding something still or carrying my mobile phone when I’m out so my arm looks a bit more normal ( I only ever wear a sling when I’m preparing/cooking food). I can now cut vegetables and fillet chicken breasts using my bad hand. It’s a little dangerous, but I’m careful and I’m getting better at it all the time.

My daughter bought us a juicer so we can make our own yummy juices (she’s been working at Boost, a juice bar chain in Australia for over 4 years so she knows what she’s doing!) Today I decided to give the fruit prep a go on my own. I cut the mango, scooped out the passionfruit pulp, peeled 6 oranges (with the knife in my bad hand) all by myself. My daughter cut the skin off the pineapple for me. Then I blended the mango and passionfruit, strained them, juiced the oranges and pineapple and blended the whole lot together.

6 months ago, I never would have thought I could do anything like that!

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