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So I received an email from a lady who has recently seen my surgeon and OT for a brachial plexus injury here in Perth. She told me her story and let me know how distraught she was about her career being ruined and what her future would be.

I was so wrapped up in my own stuff over Christmas that it wasn’t until today that I sat down to respond to emails I’d received from all over the world.

I re-read her email and realised that her nerve transfer was scheduled for today! I replied at length and asked her to let me know how surgery went. She responded straight away from her hospital bed and we emailed back and forth then I decided to go visit her. I got ready and headed off to St John of God Subiaco, the same hospital I had my nerve transfers.

She was so excited and it was so lovely to meet her! We chatted non-stop for over an hour! I hope I’ve given her some reassurance and a few tricks to do with bras and hairstyles etc hehehe.

We’re going to stay in touch and meet up from time to time!

Such a lovely experience! I receive so many emails from people all over the globe, but to be able to meet one of them and chat was just awesome!

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