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So today I went to my OT session with the awesome Jaslyn Cullen, and we discussed my latest MRI and the comments my surgeon, Alex O’Beirne had about me having 4 avulsions rather than the 2 originally diagnosed.

It seems impossible that I have hand movement when C5 C6 C7 C8 are all avulsed. But, I do. They’ve always said I was a confusion for them. But the MRI clearly shows 2 nerve root avulsions (torn from spinal cord) and 2 nerve ruptures (stretched and snapped a short distance away from the spinal cord). I figure I’m the anomaly to keep these specialists on their toes hehehe.

Anyway, Jaslyn admitted to me that my lack of external rotation and is the worst she’s ever seen. I had an inkling something was wrong as I was getting results everywhere else. So we’ve worked out a few new exercises to do to try to help. I may end up having a muscle transfer so that I’ll be able to turn my arm outwards. It’s a big operation like the nerve transfer. Long recovery. But it will be worth it.

For my supraspinatus - so far we have no real sign that it’s going to work. So I may never be able to lift my arm above my head when standing up.

We were going through my exercises, with me laying on my back and Jas told me to lay my arms on my body, and lift them straight up and over my head. This movement is nearly all deltoids, but a little bit of supraspinatus and a couple of others. Anyway I’ve been able to so I though it wouldn’t work. I usually get the initial lift off, then assist with my other hand till it gets 90 degrees from my shoulder, then the deltoids take over and I can go the rest of the way to my head unassisted. So … I give it a go with my left hand staying down ….. and I actually did it. Unassisted, lifted my arm from my thigh straight up and over to lay next to my head. I did it 2 more times before I got fatigued.

I got my husband to film me tonight so… here it is!

I can’t believe it! It may never be strong enough to do while standing up. But any progress makes me feel more hope! We’ll have to see!

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