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Brachial Plexus / Erb’s Palsy Injury

How is it that brachial plexus injuries or erb’s palsy, are not commonly known in this country?

There are MORE children born with this injury every year, than there are children born with downs syndrome or muscular dystrophy!!! Then add all the traumatic injuries sustained through sports, road accidents and more ….

We’ve all heard of downs syndrome. …… did you know brachial plexus injuries are not classed as a disability? Did you know there is currently no national foundation or charity to help all these children and adults and their families?

Well, in 1 months time there will be. I am registering Brachial Plexus Australia as a legal entity and registering as an Australian charity. Then, with a lot of hard work, I will get our governments attention, and get help for these people who so need it!

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