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As you know, I had a motorcycle accident in March 2015, and I sustained a brachial plexus injury (erb’s palsy), which means that the nerves that control my dominant arm were severed from the spinal cord, and I cannot use my arm anymore. I have had several surgeries and I have now gained some limited arm movement.

Brachial Plexus injuries affect many people in Australia, in fact there are more birth injury occurrences of Brachial Plexus/Erb’s Palsy injuries than there are Down Syndrome or Muscular Dystrophy occurrences. When you add all the traumatic occurrences, from motorbike, car, sporting and other accidents, it is very surprising and upsetting to think Australian’s in general are unaware of this condition/disability.

There is no support/education organisation in Australia for these injuries, and so I have launched the setup of one myself. I have the support of every brachial plexus specialist surgeon and therapist in Australia, and I am need of assistance with raising both awareness and funding.

On behalf of all Australian adults and children suffering from this terrible disability, I would be most grateful if you could please help in any way you can, whether it be through sharing this information at work and on social media, or through donating or organising workplace giving.

Please see our details and newsletter below.


Brachial Plexus Australia aims to be a national organisation providing support, education, information and community to all Australians who are suffering from Brachial Plexus Injuries (Erb’s Palsy) as well as to help educate medical/therapy staff about the injury.


We are initially raising funds to assist with the setup of the organisation, as such, we are asking surgeons and therapists who understand the injury, the people and the need for this organisation, to donate to help cover the costs of:

· setting up an incorporated association · registering as a ‘registrable body’ through ASIC · registering as an Australian charity with the ACNC · printing posters for hospitals and specialist/therapy offices · t-shirt printing · calendar printing (etc) · other ad-hoc administration costs

We then plan to raise further funds by selling promotional materials or through investors, to assist those in desperate need, to fund further national travel for presentations and events, to aid in research, with innovation and quality of life.

In the long term, we want to establish a Brachial Plexus Awareness Week, fund state get togethers and national think tanks, offer educational sessions to emergency room staff and birthing staff to raise awareness and to reduce risks of occurrence and fund promotional and educational material for all medical and therapists across the country.

The first $1000 is needed ASAP to cover the organisation’s registration costs and some initial promotional material.

At this point we will be forming an incorporated association in Western Australia, (my location) and then registering as a national 'registrable body’ (meaning we can operate nationally) and registering as an Australian charitable organisation. This is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way for us to be able to get the legal entity status we need to be able to meet our core purposes and start making a difference.

If you can, please donate, and share this with all your colleagues and associates etc so that we can get started. We’ll then be able to support ourselves as an organisation through selling merchandise, public donation drives, events, raffles, grants and more.

As we all know, prevention (obstetric), education, fast/accurate diagnosis and referral, correct treatment and support are of the utmost importance when it comes to brachial plexus injuries. Brachial Plexus Australia aims to lead the way and make a difference.

We just need these startup costs to get underway.


Thank you for your generosity!

All monies received will be accounted for and administered through the entity’s electronic accounting system and will only be used for the direct costs of establishing this legal entity and producing some initial merchandise and posters/flyers which will aid in raising awareness and generating subsequent funding through the sale of that merchandise.

xxx Brachial Girl

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