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Big Decisions

‪Since I was 15, I’ve always had to work to support myself. Unforeseen circumstances forced me into the workforce full time.

Since then, there’s always been a reason to work. In any job. The longer you do that, the more you become stuck. Especially once you have a child. I was married at 21 and a mother at 22. You work in any job you can because you have bills to pay.

There’s not even a thought in your mind resembling … “what would I like to do for a living?” That’s a real luxury.

Now, for the first time in my life, I figure I’m currently unemployed, in a VERY bad job market (Perth has crashed due to the slashed price of iron ore), and I’m slightly undesirable, what with my dangling arm, AND my financial situation is already as bad as it can get, so I thought, maybe now is the time to re-train and do something I actually want to do ….. so, what would I like to do for a living?

EVERYTHING is my answer.

Well, that is the truth. I want to be an OT, an anthropologist, an archaeologist, a computer game designer, a graphic designer, a historian, a world peace ambassador, a homeless shelter owner, a teacher for autistic children, a speech pathologist .. oh and a glam metal rock star …

Hmmm, back to reality ….

Because of my little web design and marketing business, I decided earlier this year to do a Diploma of Marketing. I enrolled in an online course through an Australian University, but I haven’t started it. Not even a little bit. It’s becoming apparent to me that perhaps that’s not what I really want, another course teaching me about finance and corporate budgets I just like the creative aspect of it ….

Yesterday a new idea occurred to me. With all the work I’m doing setting up Brachial Plexus Australia, and all the support I’m giving to people from all over the world every day, I had a look at Occupational Therapy, Physio, Psychology, and then, Counselling and Life Coaching. Time is an issue, so that rules out most of them.

So, I think I’m going to cancel the Diploma of Marketing, start a Diploma of Counselling, and a Diploma of Life Coaching, and then work towards a Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching). The Bachelor is 3 years full time, whereas the Diploma is (at my own pace) 12 months. So I figure I’ll do the Diploma, which is enough to work as a Counselor, but not run my own practice, and then I’ll get recognised prior learning and get a year taken off the Bachelor. So I’ll be able to work while I study the Diploma, work as a Counselor while I study the Bachelor, and then set up my own practice ….. and I’ll only be 43!

But the best part, is that I’ll be qualified to give help to everyone having a hard time living with brachial plexus injuries! And any public talks I give on the subject, will have at least a little weight behind them, and maybe even be respected and listened to by other professionals.

I’ve done so many things in the last 26 years. But all of them office or business related. While I am proficient with rules, organisation and black and white corporate attitudes, that’s not who I am. I’m creative, imaginative, hyper, excitable, kind of loud, talkative, adventurous and on and on.

I want a career that allows my personality to be involved.

Is that time now?

Do I take a deep breathe and sign up.

And then spend the next 20 years helping other people through difficult situations or traumatic occurrences and coach them into succeeding and finding happiness and satisfaction?

I have some decisions to make….

Brachial Girl - big decisions

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