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I'm in the newspaper again!

The Perth Southern Gazette has just published a follow up article about me and my dreams for Brachial Plexus Australia!


THE past year has been a tough journey for Victoria Park resident Rebecca Cochran but it’s also awoken a fiery desire for her to continue to help others in similar situations.

A motorcycle accident in March 2015 left Ms Cochran with a brachial plexus injury.Initially, it rendered her right arm near useless but a year on Ms Cochran has had the time to adjust and reflect on her new way of life.

“It’s definitely been a humbling experience, and I’ve learnt that everyone should be thankful for their lives,” Ms Cochran said.“I nearly lost mine and now I’m living with a life-long disability and chronic pain, so I’m living proof that your life can change in an instant.”

While the tough news that she might never use her arm or hand again was heavy on Ms Cochran emotionally, physically and mentally, she said she had learned to celebrate the little victories that gave her more independence.

“I accepted quite a while ago that I might not use my arm again, so each time I have an improvement it’s extra exciting,” she said.“I am quite prepared to live with my arm as it is, I’ve adapted ways to allow myself to take care of my family and myself.

“There are many things I can’t do without help, but I’m okay with that, the frustration rises and falls.”

On her positive days, Ms Cochran said she felt like the accident bestowed a purpose on her and led her on the journey to creating Brachial Plexus Australia, a national organisation to unite sufferers.

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Brachial Girl - southern gazette

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