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Neuroplasticity - changing your brain

Brachial Girl - neuroplasticity

I confess that I don't know very much about neuroplasticity, but I do know a lot about nerve pain.

If neuroplasticity does infact work, and can help people with brachial plexus injuries (and other chronic pain and conditions) to lessen our lifelong pain, then I happily share this article with you all, and hope that in turn, you will share it with others.

Here's the article and below that is a great infographic -

"This Nifty Infographic Is a Great Introduction to Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Therapy

It's startling to think about how we've got a spaceship millions of miles away ready to rendezvous with Pluto, yet here on Earth there are major aspects of our own anatomy that we're almost completely ignorant about. We've climbed Everest, sent men to the moon, and invented the Internet — but we still don't know how our brains work. The positive outlook is that many health, science, and research specialists believe we're on the precipice of some major neuroscientific breakthroughs.

One example of a recent discovery with major implications is our further understanding of neuroplasticity. Simply put, we used to think our brain was what it was — unchangeable, unalterable. We were stuck with what nature gave us. In actuality, our brains are like plastic. We can alter neurochemistry to change beliefs, thoughts processes, emotions, etc. You are the architect of your brain. You also have the power to act against dangerous impulses such as addiction. The therapeutic possibilities here are endless.

Below, broken up into two parts, is a terrific infographic detailing the essence of what we know about neuroplasticity and how it works. It was created by the folks at Alta Mira, a San Francisco-area rehabilitation and recovery center."

P.S. If you haven't already read them, have a look at some books about neuroplasticity and brain training by Norman Doidge www.normandoidge.com.

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