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Adaptive Workouts and Weights

Just because we can only use one arm doesn't mean we can't workout, strengthen and be fit.

There are in fact many organisations around the world who can help develop workouts and weight lifting programs for for people with brachial plexus injuries.

It's an important part of our recovery for our BPI arms, but also the strengthen our working arm. Overuse of our good arm can become a serious problem, so a regular strengthening program is a great idea. Done in moderation of course, as even exercise adds to the overuse of the good arm.

I follow I AM ADAPTIVE on Instagram account and have now found their website and Facebook page. An awesome resource for information and inspiration for people all around the world!

I AM ADAPTIVE - Awesome resources. Contact them for help and info. Everyone with BPI around the world should follow their Instagram account! (@iamadaptive) and Facebook page.

Australian Resources -

Australian Paralympic Powerlifting - contact them and the relevant state organisations for information on training groups and locations.

Powerlifting Australia - same, contact them for help locating a place near you.

Box 33 Adaptive Strength - located in Perth, these personal trainers will help you with workouts

Brant Garvey - Australian adaptive crossfit athlete. Awesome website with lots of info and workouts.

Hobart Fitness Training - Tailored programs to suit your needs and requirements in Hobart

Disability Sports Australia - Get involved and inquire about places near you.

Athletics Australia - Great info and links for disabled sports groups and competitions.

Crossfit4802 - Airlie Beach QLD - home to Australian adaptive athlete Lisa Fletcher.

International Resources -

Adaptive Sports Foundation - Based in the USA but has athletes from all over the world including Australia and New Zealand.

Disabled Sports USA - lots of resources and links.

Make A Hero - Adaptive Sports Films | Inspiring Individuals with Disabilities | Overcoming Limitations.

Adaptive Training Foundation - Adaptive training and competitive opportunities.

Adaptive Action Sports - Exactly what the name says!

Independent Living UK - Resources to locate suitable sports for you.

Disability Sport UK - Great organisation with heaps of information and resources.

Krystal Cantu - American adaptive crossfit athlete.

I would say you could get help from any of these organisations to locate a resource near you and get you started on adaptive fitness adventure!

I hope to find more like these and will create a category for adaptive fitness links on my website.

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Photo borrowed from Buzzfeed Article about adaptive crossfit athlete Krystal Cantu - article here

Brachial Girl - Buzzfeed - Krystal Cantu

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