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Forget your shoelaces!

Having a Brachial plexus Injury can really limit the clothes and shoes you wear.

That might not sound like a big issue, but to us it is.

It can affect our jobs, health and fitness, self confidence and our social lives with friends and family.

We can learn, with lots of practice, to wear some things that at first seem impossible, but it takes time, and adds to our frustration. So many of us choose to stay home rather than deal with not being able to wear something that is required or suited to the occasion.

One of the biggest things we struggle with is shoelaces.

There are videos floating around to teach us how to do up shoelaces, (and I apologies for not having uploaded mine yet) but I want to show you these 2 alternatives to fiddling with your shoelaces with one hand.

First there is Lacefix.

I bought some of these and they work great. Basically you take your sneakers, runners or sandshoes etc, with the laces set up to fit your foot, put one of these little Lacefix thingies on one shoelace, tighten it down till it's up against the inside of your shoe, do the same on the other side, make sure you can get your foot in and out of the shoe, the cut the overhanging length of the laces off.

Here are some pictures (courtesy of the Lacefix website) -

Then there is Hickies.

Hickies is a completely different thing. These are little soft plastic strips and they completely replace your shoelaces. You remove the laces from your shoes then use one of these thingies to connect each pair or holes. They come in lots of styles and colours .... you can even get some fancy gold bling!

Here are some pictures from the Hickies website -

Both products turn your shoes into slip-ons.

So there is no more need to practice one handed shoelace tying methods!

Have a look and try them out!

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